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Michael Wallace
Founder of the 
Pythagorean Guild

"We live in a Star Field of Dreams, Wishes, Aspirations, Hopes and hidden Expectations.

"For most this is an unfocussed energy that tends towards Chaos rather than Order. The Harmonic CD can help align the inner person to a more ordered and functional state.

"This means you start a process where your Dreams will more easily meet your Reality, and you will start finding a purpose in your life  rather than just another distraction."

At Number Harmonics we help you to create a Bridge of Understanding inside yourself. We all have a Knowingness that is our Inner Being which we need to bring forth to our Conscious Awareness.

Just listening to your personal CD as you go off to sleep at night can assist you to a greater, clearer state.

I know a Harmonic CD will help you in countless ways, because I have seen for myself how effective it is.

Thousands of Charts and readings, and over 25 years of work have gone into refining this system for you, so please, take a little time and consider this option.


The door to your personal spiritual freedom is already open, you just have to realize it is there, and be prepared to walk through.

The Harmonic CD will help you to understand the chains that are holding you back is your Monkey Grip on the past conditions.

You CAN drop the chains you yourself are holding. You CAN leave behind the habits and beliefs that have imprisoned your heart.

It just takes a nudge in the right direction and a willingness to walk the hard yards ... Which are only hard because you have lost your childlike wonder

It CAN return. You CAN awaken the child within, and find the joy and zest that life offers the adventuresome Soul.

Give it a go, and you will never look at life in the same way again.

Michael Wallace is the Principle Director and Founder of the Pythagorean Guild. He is the one who studied and re-created the Ancient Art of Pythagorean Toning.

In rediscovering this Ancient Pythagorean Art of Tone Healing, Michael Wallace has travelled extensively and researched all over the world. He is a musician and healer of some 28 Years Experience, with deep knowledge of a diverse and eclectic variety of harmonic and other healing modalities.

Michael has resolved the Pythagorean Teachings into several forms, one being the Harmonic Healing / Toning aspect. He also runs correspondence courses in Pythagorean Number Theory.

     Mr Wallace is considered one of the finest Numerology practitioners in the world and has astounded people form all walks of life with the extraordinary accuracy of the personality analysis he can compile from a person's details. What is truly remarkable is that he does so in minutes, without notes or reference to any other information.

     The key to this ability is found in a simple technique which Pythagoras taught, which is training the Spiritual Ear to be able to tune into the "Music of the Spheres". Anyone can do this if they are dedicated enough to remember their true self.

     For Michael, this started at an early age, but the healing aspect began in earnest when he started as a Body Work Therapist. He found he would "hear" where areas of the body were out of tune, and that by working certain areas, the body quite simply "Tuned Up". People said if was miraculous… Shoulder injuries that were years old suddenly came right in a matter of minutes.

     This was fine for minor complaints, but not for the more serious cases. Michael wanted a technique that was long lasting, and which didn't involve the long and repeated sessions which was expensive for the client, and more Universal than just healing.

     The Toning CD's he developed allow the "Inner Tuning" to occur without the need for his personal presence. It is cheaper, and far more effective both time wise and price wise for the client.

     "Each individual has a series of cycles that are important. Name and Date of Birth are some of these. I resolve these cycles into mathematical patterns, based on Vedic Math. I then take the mathematical ratio's and resolve these into the Pattern of notes that the Client needs to hear" Michael states, "And then I listen inwardly to the tones. Each person is a Star Field of Light and Sound, and as I gain an insight into the exact nature this Individual, and based on the mathematical process we go into, I know what the Person needs to hear."

     The benefits people experience with his Tone Charts have been enormous. Some clients were given up for dead by the medical profession, but appear to have undergone remarkable transformations since their purchase of their Personalised Harmonic Tape.

     It is hard to describe the effects of the Harmonic CD's upon people. The TESTIMONIALS page gives some idea of the effect of the CD's. The key note of it all is that each CD is different, and the effect is different for every person who receives one. In essence, we are looking at a pathway to the heart... Another way to get to know ourselves better.

     This is the core answer to the Negatives that tend to drive us. This is what was carved over the Temple of Apollo in Ancient Greece… Gnothi Seauton … Man, Know Thyself. When we truly KNOW ourselves, we come into a place of Harmonic Resonance that is in the Key of Life. Michael states that once we reach the Harmonic Centre of our Being, we can come into the Grace of God in a natural way. Then the doors to truth, beauty and perception are opened to us. It is not so much a greater Wisdom as simply being Open and Participating in Life.

     Part of the purpose in bringing out the Harmonic Principles of Pythagoras at this time is because so many are suffering stress in our changing times. We are not adjusting to the new levels of vibration, and the Harmonic CD's help to give us back our Spiritual Foundation ... It is a starting point of a new spiritual adventure for you and your family.

     To date extraordinary results have been witnessed. By simply listening to the Tape or CD provided many reports have come in about the amazing turn-a-round that people like you and me have experienced in their lives. It seems almost a Miracle.

     Michael and those who work with him point out that THEY are not responsible for this miracle. Each Person HEALS THEMSELVES… Michael stresses that the simple tape or CD provided acts as a catalyst for change. It is the individual who allows, and permits the change to come about.

     Our greatest wish is that you find greater a greater Freedom and Love of Life in your heart. As we have found this in ourselves, we would like to share it with you.






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